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Arcadia Publishing SC. Instead I found drunks shouting at each other. The real topper was the group that reanted a schoolbus with a keg on board. It turned out they were teachers, one of whom disintguished himself from the others by pissing himself at Penn Shore wine cellars.

I'll pass on the romantic Wine and Chocolate then.

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Posted by Dittman at AM 1 comments. Thursday, January 19, This is venangago-go's post!

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This is venangago-go's post! Have a drink! Titusville Council on the Arts has realized a 1, percent growth in its annual budget since full disclosure, I was the featured speaker several years ago at U Pitt's Day of Poetry sponsored in part by the TCA.

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With all that money, though, you think they could afford a nicer website. They're putting on a presentation of now vanished Venango County amusement park, Monarch Park, but here's the thing; this presentation like so many of the others is at 2 pm on Thursday the 19th at the First Presbyterian Church on Elk St in Franklin , thus guarenteeing that only retirees will be there.

Tell me again that NWPA is interested in serving it's younger residents? John Edwards' review of the Erie Art Museum's exhibit Cabinets of Curiosites is a wildly mediocre piece of writing and about words too long, in the intro alone, there's language like, "The magic of Showcase is based on the ability of wood to express and be expressed upon.

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It is not a forgiving medium and. Local weaver Patricia Vedneris profiled in the Meadville Tribune. Speaking of Meadville which I notice I do quite a bit, which is funny because I rarely go there anymore since my brother graduated , I was looking for the real name of The Penny Bar, when I found this with all the details of the new brewpub opening there.

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Area 51, a top secret military installation for testing unacknowledged, or black, projects, lies in a desert valley northwest of Las Vegas. Green e , Peter S. In a trade so easily learnt he would have more competitors, and his wages, when he came to be a complete workman, would be much less than at present, go to purchase. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Write a Review.

I think the explosion of brewpubs locally is really odd - I thought that was over and done. Still, I'm not complaining, especially since places like North Country Brewing continue to book good local talent and have a socially responsible mission statement. If you have photos of it, Jennings Environmental Education Center is trying to restore it and needs help. Contact them at jenningssp state. Talk about synergy - last week, I wrote in this blog about how much I enjoyed overheard in pittburgh , then the writer of the blog, Chris Griswold write to say that he's from Franklin.

Turns out he's a comic book nerd like me and has another blog dedicated to that. Along those lines, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that local roots band ich, what a horrible label to put on my favorite band Big Jack Earl will be playing at North Country Brewing from pm Monday night. Look for me, I'l be the short, dark, handsome guy. While I think that "Gus, the second most favorite groundhog" is one of the most disturbing mascot around, it turns out that Phil, after all winter underground, is a litlle unhinged too Finally, unrealted to everything, if you're headed to Erie Discount Beer, pick me up one of their free "Koozie" or Keychain Bottle Opener.

Was it just me, or did the Franklin News Herald's photo of recently dead millionaire look like a study for a Chuck Close print? Hmmm, does it have anything to do with the writing? I mean, they do a great job with the listings of events, but for example, how about this article. You know the one by, ahem, "Dr. Rock", detailing that the way to keep the kids in Erie - is Jazz?

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The one that includes writing like, "Jazz is not only alive in the region, it's exploding like a John Coltrane sax solo. I'd love to see Erie get a weekly alternative paper. A couple of years ago, I even put together a business plan for one, as an exercise yes, when it comes to the arts, I really am that nerdy.

Now if I just had a rich dad to bankroll it. Or a sugar momma. There is a market for one an alt weekly, not a sugar momma and Erie could support one again the paper, not the momma , so perhaps this bad news for Erie Times News is good news for the region's media consumers. Certainly a little competition never hurt anyone Finally, not arts related, but still sounds like a lot of fun : A dodgeball tournament to benefit Saegertown High School girls softball and volleyball teams is Jan.

The tournament is open to all ages.

On Saturday, the divisions include: fifth- and eighth-grade girls, fourth- to sixth-grade boys, seventh- to eighth-grade boys, and men 35 and over. On Sunday, the divisions include: ninth- to 12th-grade girls, ninth- to 12th-grade boys, open division, and women over 35 teams of six must include three grade school girls.

Team applications are due Jan. If only, I had five friends Posted by Dittman at AM 2 comments. Tuesday, January 10, Venangago-go will be on hiatus until next week due to a death in the family. A funeral away from home gives you some downtime. The Rendezvous is scheduled from Feb. Straub brewery will be issuing a special label in honor of the Rendezvous. Giant deer statue planned to draw I motorists to Clearfield Erie area poet, Mary Moodey, is working with Ridgway students as part of the Artists in Education program - a fine program which I myself participated in.

She's also an Allegheny alum. Posted by Dittman at PM 1 comments. We change our grease twice a week. How can you tell when you're reading a local restaurant review? When the phrase, "We change our grease twice a week," is used as high praise. Franklin and Oil City are busy throwing money at consultants to bring small quirky stores to their downtown. Meanwhile, it's happening organically in Meadville. This show WILL sell out. I'd add though that this Erie Civic Center show goes on pre-sale for "fan club" aka " The Spiral " on the 11th. The opening has yet to be announced, and yes, Trent is originally from the area, fill in your own, "my friend's friend used to hand out with him and Finally, non-locally: Thought the erosion of privacy was scary before - how about data mining Amazon wishlists to find people who like "subversive" books?

Friday, January 06, Best local headline this morning? They announced their first ever Student Film Competition for ages 5 - 17 as well as more stream-lined and easy to understand submission categories.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Peter Greene lives in Franklin, Pennsylvania , where he Venangoland Big Book of Applefest by [Greene, Peter]. Peter Greene lives in Franklin, Pennsylvania, where he teaches English at Franklin High School. He has been a columnist for Venango Newspapers for over.

They will also accept horror related documentaries. Posted by Dittman at AM 0 comments. Played around with some different designs for the blog yesterday. I think that a theatre presence in the downtown area of small cities is vital. So it was with mixed feelings that I saw this article detailing the Cinemas' shift to a "dollar theatre" format.