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Blend all ingredients on high in a food processor, magic bullet, or blender if using a food processor, you might want to chop the garlic first. Dress your salads, dress up raw romaine wraps, or even feel free to use this in lieu of mayonnaise on sandwiches for a fresh taste. Speaking of snacks, I have another review of Pure Market Express meals for you! This snack slightly more elaborate than my own humble one above was the chili lime crackers and jalapeno cheese.

The verdict? And the cheese was great, too. A winner! Speaking of my fridge full of catered goodies, I want to draw attention to a great comment left to me on Friday by Willie. In response to my thoughts on raw delivery services , he wrote:. I really appreciated reading your polite criticism of raw delivery services. Yet it was your awareness and honesty about the possible downsides of such a service that I found really insightful.

And as you point out, this change does not necessarily mean a commitment of several extra hours in the kitchen every day; it can be accomplished simply by making more conscious food choices and planning. But as I see more and more raw snacks and bars filling store aisles, and now raw food delivery services popping up, I am worried that the raw food lifestyle is, like so many other things, being co-opted by the food industry, for its own ends.

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But at the same time, I like to believe that both the organic and the raw food lifestyle are about more than just changing the direction of our consumerism; they are, rather, about making profound changes in the ways in which we consume. I know raw food means a lot of different things to different people, but what do you see as the core principles of the raw food lifestyle, and do you think they are compatible with the traditional workings of the food industry? Willie What a terrific comment, Willie. And you can probably predict my response here. To me, the fundamental principles of a raw lifestyle are these: creating simple meals from plants, nuts and seeds, fruits, and grains.

Eating food in plain combinations. Thinking about eating not as a primarily social rite, but as self-nourishment. Certainly, I believe that raw versions of cooked favorites serve a function: these foods and meals can be the turning point for many people who discover the raw lifestyle. I once had an amusing conversation with a friend.

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This is, of course, an extreme example: I like to a particularly simple set of foods, while my friend likes exceptionally traditional kinds of comfort food. But you guys get the idea: I think of food in terms of the raw materials, rather than the end products, while my friend thinks conversely.

But they help to build a very vital bridge between the paradigm in which most of us were raised, and the very simple lifestyle that eating raw can offer us. For that reason, they have my support and endorsement—especially since the recipes I tend to offer you guys are so simple! Thanks for contributing to a great conversation, Willie! Please check out the comments section of my last post to see some of the other remarkable comments that were offered. Have a good one. I totally agree that going raw is very much about changing our american ideals of consumerism. This caused me to actually think about what I was eating and be conscious and plan ahead.

This dressing looks amazing Gena!! I was never a bit fan of Green Goddess dressing either, but I think I may have to give this one a shot! Also, an idea for a future post perhaps: the negative side effects of incorporating more raw foods into your diet? As you know I have been giving this a shot, and while there were many positive changes in my life, there were also some negatives stomach issues for example ….

From talking to others I know that this is often a common thing to occur during the beginning phases but often will decrease over time. But, if I knew it was just a short-term plateau I would certainly go back to the high-raw lifestyle. Sure, would love to respond! So glad that the chips were tasty!! The dressing sounds great! I already have your Raw Ranch ready for lunch tomorrow though so maybe next week!

So Thanks! Just kidding! Raw, healthy, simple, yet satisfying and nourishing. Your dressing looks great. And thank you for NOT using garlic and onions. I am so with you, Averie! Most of my diet is fruit, veggies, homemade juices, nuts, and seeds, but I buy the raw options you are talking about when I need a little something different. I want a raw chocolate something or other! Or sometimes, I eat a processed vegan cookie!

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Of course I know, Maria! For instance, the raw chocolate truffles I had for dessert last night, or the Alternative Baking Company vegan cookies, which I think are really good. I live in Monmouth County, NJ, on the shore, and the sun is beaming!!!! YLW: Those areas are referred to as food deserts because there's no fresh or organic food in the neighborhood. NK: There are a great deal of farmers markets in communities. In California we have it. But you can live in a high rise in New York and grow your own food.

All you need is a window, sunshine and some water. You don't even need a patch of soil. YLW: More people are changing their diets, though. NK: It's more of a conversation now because of the health care issue and because people need serious help. People are in desperate situations. You have no idea how many emails I get a day.

It's gotten so bad. It's weird now for me to see a kid who's not overweight. Thats' crazy. I thought of being a black woman as being bigger and more voluptuous. Everyone in my family was big. So I felt I wasn't voluminous enough or wasn't big enough and as a result, wasn't black enough.

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Their parents would say oh, black women we're just bigger naturally, which is a lie. Black women are not naturally bigger women. It gets really, really heavy because this obesity issue and diabetes, and this health care thing. Health is going to be the million dollar question. It's like people are fighting for their health. Your health is your prosperity.

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NK: Absolutely. People are going to have to go back to the basics. Eat better, grow your own foods.

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Real simple stuff. It's not hard.

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The Goddess of Raw Foods best known as the creator of Taste of the Goddess Cafe one of LA's pioneering organic raw foods cafes shares with her fans over 75 . "The Goddess of Raw Foods" best known as the creator of Taste of the Goddess Cafe one of LA's pioneering organic raw foods cafes shares with her fans over.

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