Socrates Meets Hume

Socrates Meets Hume: The Father Of Philosophy Meets The Father Of Modern Skepticism
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[PDF] FREE Socrates Meets Hume: The Father of Philosophy Meets the Father of Modern Skepticism

Augustine's Press. Martin Heidegger. Summa Philosophica St. The Philosophy of Jesus St.

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Philosophy of Religion. Introduction I : Who is this book for? Jesus' Jewish metaphysics ; Jesus' new name for God ; The metaphysics of love ; The moral consequences of metaphysics ; Sanctity as the key to ontology ; The metaphysics of "I am" -- Jesus' epistemology How do we know what is real? Christian personalism : seeing "Jesus only" ; The overcoming of legalism ; The refutation of relativism ; The secret of moral success ; Jesus and sex ; Jesus and social ethics : solidarity ; Jesus and politics : is he left or right?

Niccolo Machiavelli.

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Socratic Logic St. What good is logic?

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The first act of the mind : understanding -- Understanding : the thing that distinguishes man from both beast and computer -- Concepts, terms and words -- The problem of universals -- The comprehension and extension of terms -- II. Material fallacies -- Fallacies of… Read more What good is logic?

Material fallacies -- Fallacies of language -- Fallacies of diversion -- Fallacies of oversimplification -- Fallacies of argumentation -- Inductive fallacies -- Procedural fallacies -- Metaphysical fallacies -- Short story : love is a fallacy -- IV. Definition -- The nature of definition -- The rules of definition -- The kinds of definition -- The limits of definition -- V.

Second act of the mind : judgment -- Judgments, propositions, and sentences -- What is truth? Contradiction -- What is contradiction?

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Life is more real committed to departure than reproduction by cell-division or fission. Sunday, December 14, -- PM. Nozick, Libertarianism, and Philosophy. Contrary to conventional belief, the ancient texts were not lost to the early Christian era, they were suppressed, and largely rediscovered long before the usual date assigned to the Renaissance. Peter J.

The third act of the mind : reasoning -- What does reason mean? It is like the character in the cartoon sawing off the branch he is sitting on and then the tree falls away as he sits content on a branch in the middle of the air. The only problem being that life is not a cartoon.

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The idea is that Hume has died and meets Socrates in the antechamber of heaven. The philosophical questioning begins immediately, intertwined with the very nature of language itself, showing just how basic philosophy is. We took this great skeptic very seriously, because we were more concerned with finding the truth than with finding an A, and Hume deeply disturbed us because we could not refute his arguments, yet could not accept his skeptical conclusions.

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For if we did, what would become of philosophy? What would become of science and common sense and religions and morality and education and human knowledge in general?

A review of the play: Socrates meets Jesus

The whole process of liberation from the cave of ignorance would be merely another cave. Read Socrates Meets Hume if you want to find your way out of the cave of skepticism, guided by a philosopher who takes skepticism more seriously than a lot of skeptics themselves.

Read it to remind yourself that the love of wisdom begins in wonder.

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